The Best Horror TV Shows of 2018

     December 31, 2018


In every medium, across every platform, horror thrived in 2018. On the heels of a record-breaking, Oscar-winning year for the genre in 2017, horror hung on just as strong this year, with a huge presence at the box office, in print — miracle of miracles, Fangoria is back! — and arguably better than ever on TV.

Goodness knows there’s no shortage of great TV out there these days. In this our age of Peak TV, somehow quality has endured and there’s suddenly more good television out there than any one person can enjoy. Across streaming broadcast, cable, and the ever-growing list of streaming platforms, people just keep turning out great new series

This year, an unusual amount of the best new series were horror shows; be it AMC’s critically-celebrated The Terror adaptation, or the social media sensations that were Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. At the same time, we had a number of strong returns for existing horror series, some expected and some as surprising as a creative comeback for a show I never thought I’d enjoy again. Everywhere you turn, it’s been a good year to be a horror fan, and with that in mind let’s look back on the best horror TV shows of 2018.

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