‘Hotel Transylvania 3’: Director Genndy Tartakovsky Will Return; Animated Series Gets Green Light

     June 20, 2016


Sony has seemingly looking to really break out for awhile in their animated sector, and their recent announcements for their 2017 and 2018 seasons back that feeling up resoundingly. There is, of course, the upcoming animated Spider Man feature from the invaluable team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who are already working on that holiest of all projects: the Han Solo movie, and then there’s the news of a brand new Ghostbusters animated series and the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series as well.


Image via Sony Pictures Animation

These are all notable projects, and Sony went onto confirm a bit of information about another beloved property, namely Hotel Transylvania, which is currently gearing up for its third film. Not all that long ago, franchise director Genndy Tartakovsky said that he would not return for the third installment, but today brings word that he will indeed return to helm the next volume of the supernatural animated franchise.

According to the director, he found inspiration while finishing  up his upcoming, hugely anticipated new season of Samurai Jack. And speaking of classic animated series, Transylvania will now also become a television series, with a debut eyed for next year. The show will focus on Selena Gomez‘s Mavis during her teenage years, and is set to air on Disney Channels.


Image via Sony Pictures Animation

Along with these announcements for the Hotel Transylvania creative team, Sony also sent out the banner art for the emoji movie, which is apparently called EmojiMovie: Express Yourself. Well, okay then. You can check out the banner image, which features some sort of…yellow creature, right below. Hotel Transylvania 3 will see release on September 21st, 2018, while EmojiMovie: Express Yourself will hit theaters in August 2017, and the animated television series based on Hotel Transylvania will be out some time in 2017 as well.

Here’s the banner:



Image via Sony Pictures Animation


Image via Sony Pictures Animation

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