‘House of Cards’ Season 4 Promo Revives One of Frank’s Skeletons

     January 17, 2016


Admittedly, I drifted away from Netflix’s House of Cards in Season 2, but I can never fault the show for being anything other than exceedingly clever, especially with its marketing. The show’s sly new promo for Season 4 reminds viewers — lightly, and then jarringly — of the death of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) at the start of Season 2, thanks to Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) cold-blooded killer instincts.

Panning up from a bouquet of flowers on a track, we see a poster for Frank’s Presidential campaign that he’s “putting America back on track.” Delightful. It also works nicely with his other poster, “pushing America forward.” The subway train races furiously past. Check out the promo below:

Some viewers reportedly didn’t love Season 3 and are hoping for a return to form in Season 4 (though I never got that far, I can say t hat the British series on which it is based took a dip in Season 2 and recovered for its final Season 3 run, but nothing matched its brilliant first season). Though details of the upcoming episodes are scarce, it seems to be leading up to a potential showdown between Frank and Claire (Robin Wright), which is nothing any mere mortal should want to get between.

As our own Chris Cabin wrote, “What the series is weighted by is the nerve-wracking, occasionally fatal interplay between political persona and private, personal perspectives, and how confusion between these identities can effect intimate relationships. In Season 2, this was distinguished and made damn-near Shakesperean in the relationship between Frank and the former President, whereas Season 3 was dominated by the tension between the Underwoods and a Putin surrogate that was never quite fully fleshed out by the writers. Here’s hoping that Season 4 finds more stable ground to explore the repression and control issues that drive so many political identities, rather than simply exploring modern politics in a superficial, if engaging way.”

You’ll find out Friday, March 4th when House of Cards Season 4 debuts on Netflix.


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix