Lily Collins Says Warren Beatty’s Howard Hughes Film Is About “the Trials and Tribulations” of 1950s Hollywood

     January 15, 2015


Fairly little is known about filmmaker Warren Beatty’s untitled Howard Hughes film, but actress Lily Collins recently provided us with a bit of info when Steve caught up with her in correlation with the release of Love Rosie.  The Howard Hughes drama marks Beatty’s first film as a director since 1998’s Bulworth, so it’s with a certain degree of anticipation that folks are approaching the project.  Beatty’s done a swell job of keeping things under wraps (the film finished production last summer), but we do know that he stars as Hughes and the story revolves around the eccentric tycoon’s relationship with a young woman, played by Collins.  The ensemble cast is sufficiently stacked with familiar faces ranging from Alec Baldwin to Annette Bening to up-and-comer Alden Ehrenreich.

While Collins didn’t want to reveal too much about Beatty’s Howard Hughes movie, she did tell us that the story revolves around 1950s Hollywood and spoke briefly about her character.  Read on after the jump.

love-rosie-lily-collinsHere’s what Collins had to say about the film and her working experience with Beatty:

“It’s 1950s Hollywood, it involves Howard Hughes and a young girl who comes into Hollywood to become an actress, and her driver.  And it’s just kind of about the perils and trials and tribulations of Hollywood at that time—and a lot of other stuff.  But very few people, still to this day, have read the script.  Obviously actors have, but I will never forget that experience, reading the script.  That was also one of the most collaborative and amazing experiences, to work with him and change things and have my own input in it.  I’m really excited about it too… It was a terrifyingly amazing growing experience for me.”

Given that the film completed production last summer, I imagine we’ll be seeing it in theaters sometimes this year.  Maybe after a Cannes or fall film festival debut, perhaps?  Regardless, this is one I’m very curious to check out.

Here’s what Collins had to say about the project.  Look for the full interview soon.


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