Hubble Telescope to celebrate its 20th anniversary on IMAX and in 3D

     September 11, 2009


The Hubble Space Telescope is finally repaired and back in service. What better place to view its space-staring power than a 70 by 50 foot IMAX screen? IMAX and Warner Bros. will release “Hubble 3D” exclusively in IMAX locations across the world on March 19, 2010. The film will celebrate Hubble’s 20th anniversary with an expanded release on April 23 and show how the telescope was repaired by astronauts last May. Toni Myers, who directed “Space Station 3D,” will again produce, direct, and edit the new film. More on Hubble after the jump.

The film will show a full 3D map of all the galaxies that surround our Milky Way, which will be amazing to see. For a small preview, check out the video below. Warning, there are no fancy explosions or G.I. Joes in the video. It’s just damn interesting science.

For those in the San Francisco area, John M. Grunsfeld, the astronaut who led the refurbishing of the Hubble Space Telescope, will describe his spacewalks at a free lecture Monday during the annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific at the Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel (7:30pm). On Sunday, SETI astronomers will be giving lectures as well. I wish I lived in San Fran. I’ve always been fascinated by Hubble.

Here’s a relatively new video of the Hubble and its Deep Field view of space.


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