Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Recruits Oprah Winfrey to Bring Down Hugh Jackman

     December 14, 2010


Where Sabretooth and Magneto have failed to kill Wolverine, Oprah has almost succeeded. Hugh Jackman was recently injured while filming in Sydney Harbor for Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that while descending on a flying fox (a harness and wire-rigged zipline), Jackman came in too fast and slammed into some stage lighting. The actor was able to touch down safely and was quoted as saying the impact “was worse than playing rugby.”

Though bleeding from a cut under his right eye, the tough Aussie soldiered on and continued with the interview segment after a brief pause for medical treatment. Jackman even performed a musical number to end the show. Oprah will continue her 8-day tour down under to complete shooting her talk show’s final season. Other Australian actors on the host’s hit-list of favorites include Baz Luhrmann and Russell Crowe, who should probably be watching their backs.  Hit the jump for video of Jackman’s accident and a recap of his upcoming projects…if Oprah doesn’t get him first.

Watch Hugh Jackman’s ill-fated descent here:

While the video is shot from a fair distance away, it’s clear that he was moving at a good clip when he smacked into the rigging. Jackman, the quintessential tough guy (when he’s not hosting award shows or dancing) can be seen holding a towel to his eye while Oprah checks up on him, probably lamenting her failed assassination attempt. I love the fact that Jackman then drinks a glass of wine. What, is Foster’s not good enough anymore?

Assuming Jackman survives the rest of Oprah’s invasion into Australia, we can look forward to seeing him in a few films next year. Slightly off the radar are Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, a novel adaptation set in 19th century China and centered on the lifelong friendship between two girls, and the political satire, Butter, which Jackman compares to Little Miss Sunshine.

The tougher side of Jackman is also featured as a washed up fighter trying to reclaim glory by promoting robot boxing in Real Steel.  Check out the trailer here and take a trip into the editing bay with director Shawn Levy. And, of course, you’re probably aware of a certain Adamantium-boned, cigar-smoking Canadian with an attitude. And while you won’t see him in X-Men: First Class, fans can expect to see plenty of Logan in The Wolverine.