Hugh Jackman Talks Tom Hooper’s LES MISERABLES; Filming Begins in March, Confirms 3D is Being Discussed

     September 30, 2011


Hugh Jackman is an expert at making men the world over look bad.  Not only is he incredibly nice, good-looking, talented, charming, and funny, but he can also sing and dance like nobody’s business.  What an asshole.  Steve recently sat down with the gracious actor to talk about his upcoming sci-fi flick Real Steel, but during the conversation Jackman spoke a bit about his upcoming role in The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper’s movie musical Les Miserables.   Jackman is taking on the starring role of Jean Valjean in the pic opposite Russell Crowe as the nefarious Javert.  The actor confirmed that filming begins next March and they’re getting ready to do some tests to determine whether Hooper will shoot the film in 3D or not.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

hugh-jackman-image-2Lest you think that an impressive musical theater resume and a Tony Award are enough to guarantee a role, Jackman revealed that he had to endure a 3-hour audition before the part of Jean Valjean was his:

“We shoot in March.  I am going in the next couple of weeks to do my first tests there.  I auditioned for it and had about a 3-hour audition for it about 3 months ago.  I’m really pumped about doing this.  I’ve done a lot of musicals and I’ve done a lot of movies, so this feels like something that I’ve been waiting to do.”

hugh-jackman-imageSince 3D is apparently the new standard (even Baz Lurhmann is using the format for his adaptation of The Great Gatsby) the possibility of Les Mis going to the third dimension isn’t too surprising. Jackman confirmed that they’ll be doing some tests in the next few weeks to determine if 3D is the route they’d like to go:

“It’s in discussion.  Honestly, that’s probably gonna be part of what the tests are about, to see what that does.  It’s always interesting – how do you actually convey thought through song?  We’re used to the convention on stage.  In film, we used to be used to it, and now sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  You need to be fresh and really look at the material.  I think [Hooper’s] basically gonna do it, screen it, look at it, and see if it adds something genuinely or not.  I mean, the strength of Les Mis is in its characters and the emotion, so if it aids that, fantastic. If it doesn’t I’m sure we won’t.  It is not like there are massive special effects in Les Mis, you know?”

A Broadway-nut himself, Jackman talked about some of his favorite songs from the stage production of Les Miserables:

Who Am I? I love.  That’s a great one.  Bring Him Home is great.  Both of those songs are mine.  God, I don’t think there is a bad song in that whole piece.”

The Wolverine will finally get the chance to show off his music chops on the big screen when Les Miserables opens on December 7th, 2012.   And if you missed what Jackman said about his X-Men: First Class cameo and how it came about, click here.


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