Hulu Launches Preview of Subscription Service, Hulu Plus

     June 29, 2010


In April, we reported Hulu’s announcement that it would soon launch a pay-for-play service with a price-tag of $9.99 per month. Today, Hollywood Reporter is saying that a preview of the subscription service, known as Hulu Plus, has gone live. Briefly, Hulu is quick to mention that the subscription service allows users to view their favorite content in high-definition on multiple screens – PC’s & Macs, Apple’s iPad & iPhone, as well as select new Samsung Blu-ray players/home theater systems and televisions.

In case you’re not already digging in your wallet for a crisp ten dollar bill, hit the jump for more information on what your money will actually buy you with Hulu Plus.

glee_jane_lynch_01According to the report, Hulu Plus will offer subscribers “expanded content” like past seasons of Glee and House. Also, in addition to providing revenues for modest start-up corporations like NBC Universal, Walt Disney, and News Corp. (maybe you’ve heard of them?), the service will contain full current-season runs of programs not available with the free Hulu service (Hulu Poor?).

While I’m all for getting my fix of The Office in HD by way of the new Samsung Blu-ray player that I don’t own and can’t afford, I must say that I was expecting a little more from the long-rumored subscription service. To make matters even less appealing, a source close to the service says that subscribers will still be forced to watch ads during their programs (perhaps these too will feature “expanded content?”). For those of you who love watching commercials, this is great news. For the other 99.5% of the Hulu watching population (just a rough estimate), this seems like a ridiculous request.

Stay tuned for more information on the deal of the century as it becomes available.

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