New Hulu Original Series to Come from VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL Creators Freddie Wong and RocketJump

     January 22, 2015


Streaming platforms are colliding.  The latest Hulu original series concept is hoping to build off of the popularity of an established YouTube channel, RocketJump (which has over 7 million subscribers), and transform it into a longform series.  Part of RocketJump’s success is filmmaker Freddie Wong, who co-created the critically noted webseries Video Game High School.

In the new series, produced in association with Lionsgate Television, each of its eight, weekly, half-hour episodes will take a look at the behind-the-scenes work that RocketJump does for its latest short.  The short will then premiere exclusively on Hulu.

video-game-highschool-freddie-wong-huluThe behind-the-scenes approach has worked out exceptionally well for Hulu with its unscripted, mascot-focused series Behind the Mask, and for RocketJump, it’s an incredible opportunity to raise their profile on yet another streaming platform.  It also is the latest example of a YouTube star making the jump to film, TV, and now, other online media.

Wong said of the move,

“We firmly believe the future of television is online, and Hulu has recognized the value of quality long-form series. We’re incredibly excited to bring our brand of over-the-top action and comedy to a new audience in a show that will change the way you look at independent filmmaking.”

Moone-Boy-hulu-original-seriesHulu has lagged behind Netflix (and even Amazon, now) in terms of high-profile original content, but the streaming network deserves more attention.  International co-productions on series like Moone Boy and The Wrong Mans have resulted in excellent, high-quality series.  The diversity of their content is also notable, like the quirky Real Housewives spoof Hotwives of Orlando.  And now, there is this combination series with RocketJump that will feature the finished product exclusively, while also showing the “making of” (something that Starz did recently with another YouTube star, in part, in their engrossing filmmaker competition series The Chair).

Whether a fan of RocketJump’s content specifically or not, the bottom line is that a rise in these kinds of non-traditional series is a great sign for creativity and change, which is good news for everyone.