Hype Williams to Direct Sexual Thriller LUST Written by Joe Eszterhas

     August 8, 2011


We reported back in April that screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who famously penned Basic Instinct, Flashdance and Showgirls, was returning to Hollywood with a new sexual thriller entitled Lust. Now Variety reports that Hype Williams will be taking the helm. Williams is most famous for directing music videos, but he made his feature debut with 1998’s Belly. Lust tells the story of a 30-year-old man who marries an older Miami magazine publisher. The wife is seduced by a younger playboy, who videotapes the two having sex which threatens to destroy the wife’s life. Not much else is known, but it’s described as Basic Instinct in reverse. Judging from Eszterhas’ previous material, and the logline for Lust, we’re probably in for some borderline uncomfortable sex-scenes. Jack Olsen rewrote some scenes set in New York and Miami, and the film is said to have a big music-centric piece that will most likely not be of the Astaire/Rogers-type.

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