Warner Bros. Still Trying to Make another I AM LEGEND Movie

     February 17, 2012


Despite missing the point of Richard Matheson‘s original novel and using crummy CG, I Am Legend made $585 million worldwide because that’s just what Will Smith does.  For those who missed the flick, Smith played scientist Robert Neville, the last man in a post-apocalyptic world that was taken over by mutant vampires.  Back in September 2008, we reported that Warner Bros. had hired D.B. Weiss (now the co-creator of Game of Thrones) to pen the screenplay for a prequel based on input by Smith, I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence, producer James Lassiter, and co-writer Akiva Goldsman.  Then the movie lapsed into development hell, and I hoped it would stay there.

But Warner Bros. has remembered the dormant project, and now they along with Overbrook Entertainment and Goldsman have closed a deal to make another installment in the franchise.  Hit the jump for more.

Screenwriter Arash Amel (The Expatriate) will pen the script, and according to Deadline, the movie is not a prequel.  Smith won’t sign on until the script is finished, and there’s no word if Lawrence will return.  I’m not sure how you bring Smith’s character back, and a sequel would seem easier if the actor chooses not to return since you could bring in a new protagonist. Of course, if I Am Legend had gone with the original (and better) ending where Neville survives, they wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to revive the character.

For those who haven’t seen the original ending, you can check it out below:


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