I Am Still Legend

     November 24, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Due to the success of “I Am Legend”, Warner Bros. and Will Smith were considering re-teaming for a prequel to the film. It was really the only way to go since (SPOILER ALERT) Smith’s character dies at the end of the original film. Oddly enough, in the alternate ending, Smith survives and they stay true to the books. It’s still poorly done due to the awful effects and terrible vampire acting, but it’s far better than what we got in theatres.

But now according to Aint it Cool, Warner Bros. wants the next film to be a sequel but they still want Smith on board. As far as I can tell, there are only three ways to do this: make the alternate ending seen only on the DVD, the new official ending; have Smith’s character, Robert Neville, have a genetic resistance to grenades; or, the best scenario, twin brother. That would be so soap opera and at least implicitly acknowledge what I dumb concept a sequel would be.

To be more concerned about fixing the shitty vampire effects than how to bring back a dead character, click here.

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