April 21, 2008

When I interviewed Josh Harnett for “Resurrecting the Champ” back in August of 2007, he told me about the movie he just filmed in Hong Kong called “I Come With the Rain.” Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What were you doing in Hong Kong?

Josh Harnett: Doing a movie called ‘I Come With the Rain’. It’s a Anh Hung Tran. Do you know who he is? He’s a Vietnamese director who directed a movie called ‘Xich lo’ [aka Cyclo] and ‘The Scent of Green Papaya’ and a movie called ‘Vertical Ray of the Sun’ and he’s only made those three films. He won, I think, the Golden Lion for Cyclo at Venice and won, I don’t know which prize. It wasn’t the Palm ‘d Or but the other big prize there, first jury prize there for ‘The Scent of Green Papaya’. So, he’s really well-regarded all over the world except nobody really knows him here. So, he’s written his first English-language film. He’s been working on it for about six years, the script. And, it’s 2/3rds in English 1/3rd in Cantonese and all set in Hong Kong about an American looking for a man who has gone missing. He follows him from L.A. to the Philippines to Hong Kong and I get to play his lead which is incredible.

Is it athriller?

Josh Harnett: Kind of. There are certain supernatural elements to it, not really supernatural but a little bit skewed, a little bit off of the natural path of life. My character is incredibly empathetic in the way he finds people by kind of living like them. The guy I’m trying to find has the ability to heal by touch and, aside from that, everything’s very real. I think it’s sort of Hung’s exploration of Catholicism in China these days. China is becoming predominantly Catholic which is odd. It’s that wild?

Since that interview, I’ve not heard a word about the film. But thanks to the good folks at Cinemablend who landed a nearly six minute trailer for the movie, we can take a look at what Josh was talking about.

From watching the clip, it seems like the trailer was made to sell the movie to possible distributors. It’s the kind of a clip you’d see at a film market. Since I don’t think this is any sort of official trailer, I’d watch it now in case I need to take it down.

Also, and this is important, this trailer is definitely NOT safe for work. When you watch it you’ll see some pretty disturbing imagery and some nakedness. But I have to say, it looks very cool. I think Josh made a good decision when he took this role, as it looks like nothing he’s done before.

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