I, FRANKENSTEIN Set for 3D Conversion; ENDER’S GAME Will Be Released in IMAX

     February 12, 2013


Lionsgate has announced a couple of minor developments for two of their upcoming films.  During an analyst call earlier today (via THR), Lionsage’s Motion Picture Group co-chairman Rob Friedman revealed that the upcoming graphic novel adaptation I, Frankenstein will be released in 3D.  As writer/director Stuart Beattie’s adaptation wasn’t filmed in the format, this is presumably a post-conversion.  Aaron Eckhart stars as the titular monster living in the present day who is being hunted by demons that want to learn the secret of his creation.  The pic’s release was recently moved from this February to September 13th, which now makes sense with the news that it’s getting a 3D conversion.

Additionally, it was revealed that director Gavin Hood’s anticipated sci-fi adaptation Ender’s Game will be released in the IMAX format when it hits theaters on November 1st.  Fans of a the film will have just a few weeks to catch the pic on the big, big screen, as Lionsgate’s sure-to-be-massive sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will also be released in the IMAX format later that month.

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