I SAW YOU, and DreamWorks Did Too

     December 13, 2009


I Saw You is the latest in a line of ensemble romantic comedies that attempts to reignite the magic created by Love Actually. DreamWorks bought the project from screenwriter Andrea McCloud, and it follows four separate but eventually intertwining romances sprung from real like “missed connection” Craigslist ads. George Tillman, Jr. (Notorious, Men of Honor, Soul Food) is scheduled to direct.

DreamWorks, which recently became independent, is moving back into the film production business with vigor. I Saw You joins a relatively busy production schedule that includes the workplace comedy Forever 21, Cal of the Wild, and Wife vs. Ninja. As if the titles weren’t enough of a giveaway, all are comedies.

The ensemble romcom is very difficult to pull off because it almost necessitates a lengthy run time. Unless all of your stories are equally interesting (a la Love Actually), it can be quite a painful endeavor (a la The Holiday). Honestly, missed connection ads are kind of pathetic and depressing to read, and not really the territory of the inevitably gorgeous people that will inhabit the characters in McCloud’s screenplay. However, I also acknowledge that romantic comedies operate on a “if you build it, they will come” philosophy, and the possibility of shedding tears will be enough to bring women to theaters in droves.

It’s safe to assume I Saw You will be hitting theaters sometime in 2010. [RiskyBizBlog]

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