Ice Cube Talks THE BOOK OF LIFE, Voicing His First Animated Character, the Status of FRIDAY 4, RIDE ALONG 2, and More

     October 15, 2014


Arriving in theaters this weekend from producer Guillermo del Toro is The Book of Life. The animated feature depicts director Jorge Gutierrez‘s vision of the afterlife where the celebrated and beloved spend eternity in the vibrant Land of the Remembered, while those beyond recall languish in the desolate Land of the Forgotten. In the middle is the Candle Maker, a benevolent keeper of the Book of Life who shepherds the souls of the deceased and ensures balance in the afterlife. As the Candle Maker Ice Cube lends his voice to an animated film for the first time – a surprising fact given that his career, which includes more than thirty film credits to date, began in a recording studio more than three decades ago. The Book of Life also stars Zoe SaldanaDiego LunaChanning TatumRon PerlmanKate del Castillo, and Christina Applegate.

I recently sat down with Ice Cube for an exclusive video interview. He talked about why this was the first animated feature to draw his attention, how he was won over by Gutierrez’s enthusiasm, feeling right at home in the recording studio, why we all need to pen a letter to New Line and make sure Friday 4 happens, and what to expect from Ride Along 2. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Ice Cube:

  • Talks about how Jorje’s enthusiasm won him over.
  • Talks about feeling at home in the recording studio.
  • Did he have any other actors in the studio with him?
  • Why was this the first animated feature he wanted to be a part of?
  • Is Friday 4 still stuck in development hell?
  • What can fans look forward to in Ride Along 2?



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