Idris Elba Stars in Cary Fukunaga’s BEASTS OF NO NATION; EVERY THING WILL BE FINE for Rachel McAdams; Ashley Greene in STATEN ISLAND SUMMER

     August 20, 2013


Here’s the latest casting news:

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beasts-of-no-nation-book-coverFirst up from Deadline is the news that Elba will star in Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation, a story that “follows the journey of a young boy, Agu, who, when civil war engulfs his West African country is forced to join a unit of mercenary fighters. Not only must Agu face the death of his father and disappearance of his mother and sister, but must also join a life of violence and brutality. Agu befriends a mute boy named Strika and together they face the crimes and hardships of war.”  Elba, who will also be a producer on the picture, will play the lead role of the army’s Commander, an imposing character who Agu is afraid of.  Fukunaga commented on the project as follows:

“This project has been seven years in the making, so to say I’m excited to start shooting this — and with Idris Elba as lead — would be me trying to play it cool. Red Crown has real moxie standing behind this story.”

THR reports that McAdams has joined Every Thing Will Be Fine, which stars Franco “as a man responsible for the death of a young boy who channels his guilt into a successful writing career. As he gets more famous, however, he represses and rejects the emotional connection he has to the boy’s brother and mother in the years after the accident.”  Naylor and Gainsbourg star as the boy’s brother and mother, the former of whom reaches out to the author 10 years after the crime.  McAdams stars as “Franco’s girlfriend, who has to deal with his deteriorating mental health.”  The part was originally slated for Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead), but a deal was never officially completed.  The film went into production last week in Montreal.


Deadline has Greene joining Staten Island Summer, a comedy that centers on the “summer after high school graduation that friends Danny and Frank spend as poolside lifeguards. With the former off to Harvard and the latter unsure of what he wants to do next, the movie lays out the different directions the pals’ lives are about to take.”   Greene will play “a member of the pool club and the daughter of an overly protected mobster,” which complicates what is sure to be the affections of either Danny or Frank (or both).

Finally – and also from Deadline – Hendricks will join Dark Places, currently starring Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Corey Stoll and Andrea Roth.  She’ll play an older version of Krissi Kates, a character who barely supports herself as a stripper and “has been haunted by a secret from her past that could have great implications for Libby Day (Theron) and her jailed brother Ben (Stoll).  Decades earlier, Kates had accused Ben of being a child molester, among other evils.

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