If the Oscars Were Held Today, Who Would Be Nominated?

     August 31, 2018


September is nigh, which means Oscar season is about to begin. But before we get too deep in the weeds, it’s important to keep in mind that films from the entire year are eligible for the prestige awards—despite the scheduling logjam that happens during the last few months of every year. Indeed, while the majority of Oscar nominations are given to films that open between September and December, there’s still a bevy of quality film and filmmaking on display throughout the other eight months of the year.

So as a bit of an exercise and to remind folks just how good we’ve had it so far, Collider’s Adam Chitwood and Matt Goldberg have combed through 2018 to come up with a list of some Oscar nominations in major categories that would occur if the Oscars were held today. Not unsurprisingly, there’s already a wealth of great films to choose from, and no doubt more than a few of these picks will actually become bona fide Oscar nominees come January.

Without further ado, if the Oscars were held today, here’s who we think would be nominated in the following select categories:

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