DreamWorks Animation Makes IMAGINARY ENEMIES; Could Be Their First Live-Action/CG Hybrid

     August 19, 2010


Screenwritng/marital team Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario  (Surf’s Up) are currently working on the script for Imaginary Enemies at DreamWorks Animation, intended as a twist on the traditional notion of the “imaginary friend.”  Here’s how Risky Business describes it:

The new project will be told from the point of view of the imaginary friends who had long been used as scapegoats by unscrupulous children looking for someone else to blame for their misdeeds.  Eventually fed up, those imaginary people come looking for some payback when the kids are grown up.

At first glance, this sounds like it’s cut from the same cloth as the ghost-centric DreamWorks flick Boo U.  But Enemies could employ a technique that would distinguish it from not only Boo U, but all DWA films up to this point.  Excited by the possibilities of the divide between the real world and the imaginary realm, the studio is seriously entertaining the notion of Imaginary Enemies as a live-action/CG hybrid.  More after the jump:

how_to_train_your_dragon_movie_poster_01That idea gets me much more excited about Enemies than your average DWA project.  The justification of the hybrid approach seems so very organic given the subject material — moreso than, say Alvin & the Chipmunks.  Plus, DWA head Jeffrey Katzenberg has been one of the pioneers behind the modern 3D movement, a company objective which manifested itself most spectacularly in the flying sequences of How to Train Your Dragon.  If they integrate 3D into the format with just the right balance, we could be in store for a collection truly stunning visuals.

Obviously, this film is a ways off.  Probably no earlier than 2013, if that.  And they haven’t committed to the live-action/CG hybrid idea.  An there’s no guarantee that the story is worth telling.  In fact, it sounds a bit hokey.  But there is an iteration of Imaginary Enemies that is an excellent film.  Of that I am convinced.

One final interesting note from the report: the conceit behind the film reportedly originated at DreamWorks retreat a few years ago.  Reminded me of the famous Pixar lunch that launched A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and WALL·E.  As if DreamWorks wanted their own iconic meeting that was one day talked about in hushed tones by animation geeks.

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