Bird York is IN DEEP with Fox; Show Described as “THE SOPRANOS Meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”

     November 24, 2010


For the most part, this item is simply Fox adding yet another pilot to their development slate of dozens.  But there’s a few notable elements.  Firstly, the premise.  According to Deadline, In Deep is described as The Sopranos meets Desperate Housewives: “A female undercover FBI agent infiltrates the Chicago Mob with the help of the made men’s women.”

Secondly, there’s the creator, Bird York.  She’s been acting since the mid-1980s, and a singer/songwriter for the last decade — York was even nominated for an Oscar for her Crash song “In the Deep.”  However, this will be her first credit as a screenwriter.

Lastly — and this one’s just because I’m a sucker for great names — how terrific would “Created by Bird York” look on a credits sequence each week?  So yes, I hope a mob drama developed by a songwriter named Bird York makes it through the development process.  Hit the jump for the music video for “In the Deep.”

The Sopranos comparison is interesting, because the future classic was briefly in development at Fox in the late 1990s before the network passed.  Even with Fox’s reputation as the edgiest of the broadcast networks, I can’t imagine The Sopranos would have had the same cultural impact under the forceful hand of the FCC.  Still, an intriguing what-if scenario.

With the right actress in the lead role, I could easily see myself watching upwards of five seasons of this.  And this sure seems to be the kind of role that could lure the right actress.

Not that this is any way an indication of her screenwriting capabilities, but here’s the “In the Deep” clip.  The song is better than the movie, which puts it somewhere between “excellent” and “marginally okay.”