IN THE LOOP Director Armando Iannucci Is Going OUT THE WINDOW

     May 17, 2010

In the Loop was one of the best movies of last year.  If you haven’t seen it/didn’t like it, then you should be punched into paralysis.  Variety reports that director/co-writer Armando Iannucci’s next project will be Out the Window, which is slightly different than the hard-swearing, rapid-fire satire of In the Loop:

[The film is] an adaptation of Claire Tomalin’s bio tome “The Invisible Woman,” based on the hidden life of Charles Dickens.  It recounts the tragic story of the Victorian author’s affair with actress Nelly Ternan.

No word if lubricated horse cock will come into play.  Iannucci is co-writing the film with Will Smith (not the actor, but one of the writers of the BBC series The Thick of It, which was the origin of In the Loop) and Roger Drew.  Out the Window is scheduled for release sometime in 2011.

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