Cool 1950s Version of an INCEPTION Trailer

     October 4, 2010

A very cool 1950s-esque version of an Inception trailer has appeared online.  Akin to trailers from Alfred Hitchcock classics such as Rear Window, the retrofitted promo is set in black and white and features prominent narration as well as on-screen superlatives which help sell the film as “Mind blowing!  Dazzling!  Complex!”

While it’s no surprise to most that, as a medium, film has undergone some changes over time, I rarely think of its evolution in terms of how it applies to the way pictures are marketed via their trailers.  For me, that oft-overlooked connection is what makes this throwback Inception trailer well worth your time.  To check out the trailer, as well as a 1954 trailer from Hitchcock’s Rear Window, hit the jump.

Inception trailer via In Contention:

Rear Window trailer:


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