INCOMPRESA Trailer Captures the Film’s Youthful Chaos

     April 15, 2015


Director Asia Argento‘s startling new work Incompresa was one of my very favorite films from last year (check out my review) and a new international trailer has surfaced that does a really nice job of hinting at the film’s youthful anarchy. It’s missing some of the movie’s pathos, but since Incompresa is a film that also celebrates the ups that accompany the downs of adolescence, it feels appropriate to post. I urge you to check out this movie (I rarely lay down my affection for a film that hard in a review) when it gets a US release date. It’s probably closer to The 400 Blows than Welcome to the Dollhouse, but viewing it though either of those aesthetic lenses should suit you just fine.

Check out the Incompresa trailer below. The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Giulia Salerno and Gabriel Garko. We’ll let you know about the US release as soon as we hear official confirmation.

Here’s the synopsis for Incompresa:

In 1984, 9-year-old Aria is mistreated by her family until she reaches the limit of what she can bear.


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