Roland Emmerich Talks ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Story, Casting Process

     September 21, 2015


Right now Roland Emmerich is busy promoting the release of his long-awaited passion project, Stonewall, but at the tail end of our interview, he took a moment to give a little update on Independence Day: Resurgence. The sequel takes place 20 years after the events of the 1996 original. Humanity has come together and used recovered alien technology to establish an enormous defense program, but when the invaders come back more powerful than ever, it falls upon a select few to figure out a way to save the world again.

Emmerich wrapped production a little less than a month ago and now that he’s going through the footage, check out what element of the film he said is standing out most:

In addition to singing Maika MonroeJesse Usher and Liam Hemsworth‘s praises, Emmerich also entertained my obsession with the line, “They travel from planet to planet, their whole civilization” and the possibility that it could have been the entire race up in that mothership. Emmerich clarified how much of the alien population they really killed in the first film and discussed his goal to expand the universe in the sequel:

“Well, it’s only like one of the hives, like kind of moving around. [Laughs] What we did this time, we tried to expand the universe, too. It’s not as simple as the last one because you cannot make it as simple as the last one. Also it’s a little bit about what happened to our world when you know that they are coming back. We had 20 years to come together as a planet and to build incredible things to have a little more even fight.”

Independence Day: Resurgence is due in theaters on June 24, 2016. Keep an eye out for my full chat with Emmerich on Stonewall coming later this week.


Independence Day 2 Resurgence cast on wrap day.

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