INDIANA JONES 5 Confirmed, But Still in Early Development

     May 5, 2015


When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the headline news, of course, was that the Mouse House would be moving forward with a new series of Star Wars films. But many also pointed out that as a result of the sale, Disney now had control of another major franchise: Indiana Jones. It was never a question of if Disney would be moving forward with a new Indiana Jones movie, but instead when, and now Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 is indeed in the works.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Kennedy was optimistic about the future of Indiana Jones, but cautioned that it’s still very early days:

Kennedy confirmed rumors that another Indy movie “will one day be made inside this company. When it will happen, I’m not quite sure. We haven’t started working on a script yet, but we are talking about it.”


Image via Lucasfilm

No doubt Kennedy is primarily focused on getting the next phase of the Star Wars franchise off the ground first, with the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December and a new Star Wars movie every year after that. Things seem to be coalescing quite well on that front, though they were dealt a blow recently when Josh Trank left/was removed from the 2018 Star Wars Anthology film, now reported to be a Boba Fett movie.

Rumors have swirled about an Indiana Jones sequel for a long time now, and indeed in late 2013 Disney gave a timetable of “at least two to three years.” Word has picked up in recent months, with the latest rumor claiming that Steven Spielberg is interested in directing an Indiana Jones reboot starring Chris Pratt. That’s far from confirmed, and as Kennedy points out, the first order of business is putting together a script. Frank Darabont wrote a pretty terrific draft of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that was subsequently tossed aside, so might I suggest bringing him back into the fold?

Whatever the case, Indiana Jones 5 and/or an Indiana Jones reboot is definitely on the horizon; it just may be a while before we see it come to fruition.

What say you, readers? What’s your best case scenario here? Would you like to see Harrison Ford return for another go as Indy, or do you think Disney should completely reboot the franchise? Sound off in the comments below.


Image via Lucasfilm

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