Producer Frank Marshall Offers Update on INDIANA JONES 5; Says There’s Still No MacGuffin

     July 25, 2012

Frank Marshall is a hell of a producer.  His resume reads like a best-of list: The Goonies, Back to the Future, The Sixth Sense, the Bourne series, etc.  One of the most beloved franchises that he’s been a part of, however, is Indiana Jones.  Though the long-awaited fourth entry, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was greeted with a rather lackluster response, fans remain curious about the prospect of Indiana Jones 5.

Steve recently got to speak with Marshall in anticipation of the release of The Bourne Legacy, and Marshall gave a somewhat pessimistic (depending on how you look at it) update on the status of a fifth Indiana Jones film.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

frank-marshall-indiana-jones-5Though talk of Indiana Jones 5 has continued in the years since Crystal Skull, there’s really been no actual forward movement on the pic.  Steve asked Marshall if he thought that it was realistic to expect a fifth film or if Crystal Skull was the “last hurrah,” to which Marshall replied:

“I say, for me, [Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is] the last hurrah.  I know that yes, we talk about it, but there’s no idea, there’s no MacGuffin.”

The last real update on Indy 5 came last December from George Lucas, who revealed that he had “told Steven Spielberg about the story” but he hadn’t found a MacGuffin yet.  We previously heard that Lucas and Spielberg had come up with a “germ of an idea” for the film, but nothing further than that.

indiana-jones-5-harrison-ford-steven-spielberg-george-lucasLucas took his time in developing the story for Crystal Skull, but Indiana Jones 5 may be a different situation.  This past May Lucas announced that he was leaving his studio, Lucasfilm, in order to make “experimental movies” in his garage.  Steve brought up Lucas’ comments to Marshall, adding that it doesn’t appear that Lucas is that hungry to do another Indiana Jones film:

“Yeah, no he isn’t [hungry to do another Indiana Jones].  And he’s obviously passing the baton to my wife, so.”

Marshall’s wife is, of course, producer Kathleen Kennedy, who was recently named co-chair and successor to Lucas at Lucasfilm.  So Marshall’s comments seem to imply that Indy 5 is quite unlikely to happen.  If none of the creatives involved are really passionate about returning, I think it’s fine for Spielberg, Lucas, and Harrison Ford to hang up the hat after three great films and one not-terrible one.  That said, I expect we’ll still be hearing rumors and “possible developments” on the possibility of Indiana Jones 5 for years to come.


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