Harrison Ford Says Making Another INDIANA JONES Film Would Be “Perfectly Appropriate”

     August 6, 2013


Harrison Ford has not one but two movies opening in the coming months, which means the press has double the opportunities to hound him about his involvement in Star Wars: Episode VII and the prospect of a fifth Indiana Jones film.  Talk of the latter has somewhat subsided over the past few years, with Ford, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas continuing to rattle off the same “if we can come up with a good idea” line that they’ve been spouting for years.  It’s a true sentiment, but when one looks at Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull—which the trio deemed a worthwhile endeavor—the question becomes whether the audience thinks it’s a good idea to return to the Indiana Jones well.

While promoting the upcoming thriller Paranoia, Ford recently spoke a bit about the prospect of Indiana Jones 5, saying that he’s game to reprise the role as long as he doesn’t have to “kick as much ass.”  Hit the jump to read his full comments.

harrison-ford-indiana-jones-5When speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the 71-year-old actor said that he thinks it would be “perfectly appropriate” to see Indiana Jones return for another adventure:

“We’ve seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it’s perfectly appropriate and okay for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he doesn’t necessarily have to kick as much ass. To me, what was interesting about the character was that he prevailed, that he had courage, that he had wit, that he had intelligence, that he was frightened and that he still managed to survive. That I can do.”

While we still have no word on whether another Indiana Jones movie will actually be made, it’s certainly clear that Ford is game to return.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that they should leave well-enough alone—no sense in possibly sullying the Indiana Jones legacy even further by turning out another underwhelming entry.  But what do you think, readers?  Are you jonesing for a fifth film or do you think Crystal Skull should act as the final chapter in Spielberg, Ford, and Lucas’ saga?


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