INDIANA JONES and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – New Photos and Interviews

     January 2, 2008

While most people were shut out of visiting the set of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” if you’re name was Annie Leibovitz, you not only got to visit the set…you get to premiere what Cate Blanchett looks like and also confirm that she plays the main villain of the film – Agent Spalko. As you can see from the picture that Vanity Fair posted, she has a unique and interesting… haircut.

Anyway, in this month’s issue of the magazine, the cover story is “Indy’s Back” and it has a ton of interviews and photos from the new movie. While you can see the photos and the behind the scenes video below, the interviews are quite good and worth reading. All of them are quite extensive and they not only cover the “Indy” movie, but previous films and what they have coming up.

So if you’d like to read the interviews with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or just the main cover story… just click on the links.

any guess what they were looking for?

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