Bottleneck Gallery to Release Gabz’ Gorgeous ‘Indiana Jones’ Trilogy Poster

     January 11, 2018


Starting now and until Sunday at 11:59pm EST, you can get your hands on a gorgeous Indiana Jones poster by artist Grzegorz Domaradzki, aka “Gabz”, from Bottleneck Gallery. The piece is officially licensed by Acme Archves and Lucasfilm, and it highlights the first three Indiana Jones movies, which is really all you need. I would also accept a fourth part this poster that folds out and features Indiana Jones climbing into a refrigerator with a nuclear blast behind him.

The artwork from Gabz here is, as always, stunning, and since this is a timed release, you are guaranteed a copy of the regular edition as long as you get it before Sunday at 11:59pm EST. If you’re looking for a gorgeous piece of Indiana Jones art to have on your wall, you’ll want to get this.

Check out the posters (regular and variant) and details below, and click here to go buy them.

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