‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Deleted Scenes Reviewed: Happy Hogan and More Black Order

     August 8, 2018


Now that the Blu-ray for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is out in the wild, we wanted to take a closer look at the bonus features available on it. Not only is there a ton of behind-the-scenes trivia in this beast, but there is plenty of footage from the production and even nearly fully finished scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Four of them are included in the Blu-ray’s Deleted Scenes bonus feature, and only two of them have made their way online: One features the Guardians being Guardians, and the other is a more intimate look at the twisted father/daughter relationship of Thanos and Gamora. If you haven’t picked up the Blu-ray yet, however, we’ve got a breakdown of the other two deleted scenes for you, along with some insider info from the production team about all four scenes. (We have a lot more details in our “110 Things to Know” from the overall Blu-ray itself, by the way.)

At a runtime of nearly two-and-a-half hours, and with roughly 30 superheroes duking it out on the big screen, there’s no surprise some of the longer scenes didn’t make the final cut. In the Blu-ray’s writers/directors audio commentary, it’s often repeated that each scene in the script and the movie itself has to serve multiple purposes. In other words, if a scene is repetitive or can be better used to get the point across elsewhere, it can be cut or trimmed. That’s Editing 101, but it also explains why Avengers: Infinity War has relatively few deleted scenes, and the ones included on the Blu-ray were cut for fairly obvious reasons.

Before you check out the deleted scenes breakdown, be sure to take a look at the latest Blu-ray trailer itself:

Deleted Scenes: 

Happy Knows Best


Image via Marvel Studios

It would have been nice to have Iron Man director and MCU mainstay Jon Favreau in the film that celebrated 10 years’ worth of work. In fact, Joe and Anthony Russo did have a bit part for Favreau’s recurring character Happy Hogan to play early on in the film, but it ultimately served only to give him a few seconds of screen time.

In an extended sequence at Central Park, where Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are having their conversation about Tony’s dream/vision and potentially having a kid, Favreau’s Happy Hogan shows up in a golf cart. He’s very upset and being kept quite busy trying to keep Tony and Pepper safe from the paparazzi waiting in the bushes all around them. Ultimately it added little to the scene other than a nod to Favreau, so this one’s an easy cut.

Hunt for the Mind Stone


Image via Marvel Studios

At one point in the story-breaking process, one version of the script featured more origin stories for the Black Order. There’s the fact, for instance, that Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive are married in the comics, a relationship that’s only vaguely hinted at in the movie itself. So while that idea was tossed out of the script, there was more of the Black Order shot for the film … until that, too, was trimmed and tossed aside.

In Edinburgh, Scarlet Witch is attempting to heal Vision when they’re interrupted by Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. But rather than just go all-in on the battle, the two Black Order members are using their weapons to scan for the Mind Stone and try to pinpoint its location. It’s not a fully finished scene, VFX-wise, but it shows a lot more of the Black Order and would have given us a little extra background info, though not much.

The Guardians Get Their Groove Back

As you can see above, while Nebula is being tortured, she manages to escape her captor and put herself back together in order to record a distress message. A very Guardians song plays over it, KISS’ “New York Groove”, at least until Drax stops Quill’s Zune because he’s been playing the same song over and over. Mantis alerts them to the “secret blinking coded message” light that’s been blinking for five hours; they have 23 messages from Nebula. There’s a lot of funny stuff here but it’s a little uneven. It does get them to Titan, however, thanks to Nebula’s intel.

A Father’s Choice

In a vision flashback, the young Gamora delivers the head of a planet’s ruler–someone referred to as the Theradite King, which neither Google nor my more comics-obsessed friends could place–to her father. This wrinkle adds a little extra context to the scene in which Thanos is trying to remind Gamora of her warrior nature, but also to continue to play manipulative mind games with her. Thanos explains to her his reasoning for tasking her with finding the Soul Stone, and his disappointment in her for lying to him. There’s some real heartfelt stuff here that further humanizes the inhuman relationship between Thanos and Gamora, which gives what comes next even more of an emotional impact.


Image via Marvel/Disney

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