INGRID BERGMAN: IN HER OWN WORDS Trailer Looks at Star’s Off-Screen Life

     July 17, 2015


Here’s our first look at Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words, the Cannes-anointed documentary from helmer Stig Björkman about the famed star of Casablanca, Journey to Italy, and Spellbound, among a plethora of other opuses. The trailer stresses the use of home movies and behind-the-scenes footage, and seems to be focused more on Bergman’s life off screen, including her tumultuous relationship with one-time husband Roberto Rossellini, arguably the greatest of all Italian directors. Ex-Machina star Alicia Vikander supplies the narrative voice of Bergman, whose correspondences, notes, and diaries are read aloud throughout the film, which also features interviews with Rossellini, fellow Swedish thespian Liv Ullman, and Sigourney Weaver, who has clearly been influenced tremendously by Bergman’s style and presence. There’s also a talking head interview with Bergman’s daughter, the great Isabella Rossellini, of Blue Velvet and, more recently, Denis Villeneuve‘s Enemy.


Image via RKO

Despite the film seemingly putting more focus on family issues and intimate exchanges between the actress and her peers, there’s a fleeting sense that the doc will also touch on her relationship with her directors, especially Alfred Hitchcock, who directed her in Spellbound, Notorious, and the lesser-seen Under Capricorn. Though I’m thrilled to see any extra footage of Bergman’s home life and insight into her personal passions, the cinephile in me can’t help but hope that the director will also include some talk of her process as an actress, and how she worked so closely with some of the greatest filmmakers of Hollywood’s so-called Golden Age. Regardless, this should prove more than appetizing to anyone who still can’t get the image of Bergman staring at Humphrey Bogart for the last time in Casablanca out of their head.

Check out the trailer below:


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