‘The Inhumans’: Details, Release Dates Revealed for Marvel’s IMAX-Shot TV Series

     November 30, 2016


We recently brought you the news that Marvel would be bringing about their Inhumans franchise with a TV series consisting of eight episodes, the first two of which will premiere in IMAX-ready movie theaters since they were filmed in the large-screen format. ABC will then take those two episodes and repackage them with additional bonus content for a TV broadcast. Additional action sequences in the series will also be shot with the IMAX cameras as part of a deal between the two companies. Got all that? Good, because there’s more.

THR reports that IMAX recently doubled-down on their interest in making additional TV deals, with CEO Greg Foster telling investors, “This is at the high end of the range of what we’ll be doing, but we’re already looking for a second [series]. This is a really exciting opportunity that could blossom into more.” The fruits of their first deal, Marvel’s The Inhumans, will appear in IMAX theaters in early September of 2017.


Image via Marvel

Foster also revealed that the first two episodes of The Inhumans will feature about 80 minutes of content, and confirmed that they will debut exclusively in IMAX theaters across all territories on or around September 1st. The episodes will enjoy a two-week theatrical run before ABC premieres the first episode on September 26th. The plan is for the eight episodes of the series’ first season to run on consecutive Tuesdays. As for potential renewals for The Inhumans, Foster said, “Hopefully this will spawn more seasons of the show, and … we’re looking at other opportunities and programs that we can become part of.”

It’s a safe bet that both IMAX and Marvel are keeping an eye on how this deal works out, with special attention to both the big-screen and small-screen numbers. And since Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. not only helped to set up the new property, its shift to the 10pm Tuesday timeslot may have opened the door to The Inhumans as a lead-in series next fall. In the meantime, here’s a good primer to get you caught up with the relatively more obscure title. Time will tell if audiences embrace this new franchise, or if superhero fatigue will hamper its success.

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