First Look at Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, and Justin Timberlake in the Coen Brothers’ INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS

     February 24, 2012


We’re more than happy to report all things Coen Brothers, but I’ll admit the first photos from the set of Inside Llewyn Davis were pretty dull.  I love signage as much as the next guy, but now we’ve got some good set photos to show you.  The new images show off lead actors Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, and Justin Timberlake, and the male cast members have gone bearded.  The film is set in 1960s Greenwich folk scene, so the actors look period-appropriate.  I’m not sure why Isaac is carrying around a cat, but I’m sure the cat digs his beard.  Cats love beards almost as much as they like Internet memes.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos.  The film also stars Garrett Hedlund, Stark Sands, and John Goodman.

Click over to Just Jared and Zimbio for more images.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, Isaac plays a musician trying to make it in the folk scene.  We don’t have any details on Mulligan’s character, but we know Timberlake is playing her husband.

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