‘Inside Out’ Easter Eggs Give Shoutouts to ‘The Good Dinosaur’, ‘Finding Nemo’, and More

     November 16, 2015


Pixar films are celebrated for their many Easter eggs, and Inside Out is no different. The film from co-directors Pete Doctor and Ronnie del Carmen took us inside the mind of a young girl named Riley to meet the emotions influencing her actions. With the film available on home release, one Imgur user took the time to compile as many Easter eggs as possible.

Of course, the iconic Pixar ball made an appearance in a sequence involving Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong remembering all his good times they had together. Another famously recurring nod is the Pizza Express delivery truck from Toy Story. It’s difficult to make out in Inside Out, but if you look closely at one of Riley’s memory spheres, you can made out its fading form.


Image via Pixar

As far as films go, Nemo from Finding Nemo, the birds from the short For the Birds, Colette from Ratatouille, and Arlo from The Good Dinosaur pop up in various capacities. The latter film hasn’t been released yet, but you’ll be able to definitively see the comparisons when it drops on November 25th.

There are plenty others to be found, some of which have been pointed out in the past, such as the Sunnyside Day Care Center’s playground from Toy Story 3 and the legs of giant monster Ted from Monsters Inc. So keep an eye out for more, in addition to any that might arise in The Good Dinosaur.

Here’s the official plot description for Inside Out:

Based in Headquarters, the control center inside 11-year-old Riley’s mind, five Emotions are hard at work, led by lighthearted optimist Joy, whose mission is to make sure Riley stays happy. Fear heads up safety, Anger ensures all is fair and Disgust prevents Riley from getting poisoned—both physically and socially. Sadness isn’t exactly sure what her role is, and frankly, neither is anyone else. When Riley’s family relocates to a scary new city, the Emotions are on the job, eager to help guide her through the difficult transition. But when Joy and Sadness are inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley’s mind—taking some of her core memories with them—Fear, Anger and Disgust are left reluctantly in charge. Joy and Sadness must venture through unfamiliar places—Long Term Memory, Imagination Land, Abstract Thought and Dream Productions—in a desperate effort to get back to Headquarters, and Riley.


Image via Pixar

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