Amy Schumer Confronts Rape Culture in Pitch-Perfect FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Parody

     April 22, 2015


There are Friday Night Lights parodies, and there are comedians who tell jokes about rape. Never the twain have met, until now. (Side note: Isn’t is kind of amazing how Friday Night Lights is still such a relevant part of the cultural cachet?)

In last night’s third season premiere of Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer managed to find a perfect way to address rape culture (especially within football) that was both smart and funny. On the Friday Night Lights side of things, she nailed Connie Britton‘s “hey y’all!” and re-upped on her Mrs. Coach-ness with an escalating set of wine glasses.

In the sketch, Josh Charles (who is apparently becoming the guy you call when you want to execute a really excellent parody; I turn your attentions to “The Foodroom”) as a Coach Taylor-type, addresses his new football team with a simple request: no more raping.

It’s not just in the nuances of how the sketch breaks down the (false) question of what is and isn’t considered rape, but it solidifies its awesomeness in the final words of that locker room speech, which I won’t spoil. Basically, there is a way to tell a rape joke, and Schumer found it.

You can check it out for yourself below: