Read Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR Prequel Comic to Learn an Important Character’s Backstory

     November 18, 2014


Despite all of its exposition, there was still plenty in Interstellar I wish had been made clearer.  Specifically, life on Earth was vaguely defined, and just a little bit of explanation on how the Blight specifically affected society and culture would have been nice.  Christopher Nolan has now teamed with artist Sean Gordon Murphy for an Interstellar prequel comic for the latest issue of Wired (which he guest edited), but it goes into another aspect of the plot.  It’s a nice bit of writing that reveals a poetic bit of backstory, but it also doesn’t really illuminate anything about the film beyond commenting on the nature of man.

Click here to read the Interstellar prequel comic [contains spoilers]. And if you still can’t get enough of the movie and don’t mind the sound mix, click here to learn about the “Unlimited Ticket”.

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