INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE Trailer Teases Serial Killing Bear

     May 12, 2015


Earlier today, I stumbled across a poster for a film I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of: Into the Grizzly Maze. Despite its campy title, it stars name actors James Marsden, Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane, and Piper Perabo. I wanted to learn more, and thankfully the Into the Grizzly Maze trailer has landed online, and it looks like the film could be a bit of B-movie fun.

The plot centers on a bear that is killing for sport (it’s not just for Jurassic World’s Indominous Rex) and a group of hunters and trackers who must stop it as well as deal with their own personal drama and the dangers of the titular “Grizzly Maze”. And if that doesn’t sell you, Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thornton says the following line: “This isn’t your ordinary bear.  This is a clever one.” The screenwriters came as close as they could to saying “Smarter than your average bear,” when describing a bear that hunts for sport. I must see this movie.

Check out the Into the Grizzly Maze trailer and poster below, which is equally hilarious since it looks like Marsden is the only one freaked out by the gigantic bear. The film is currently available to watch on Dish. It will be available on VOD on May 19th and in theaters on June 26th.

Poster via IMP Awards.


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