Ioan Gruffudd & Alice Parkinson Exclusive Video Interview SANCTUM

     February 2, 2011

Ioan Gruffudd & Alice Parkinson Interview SANCTUM slice

Continuing our coverage of the James Cameron produced underwater epic Sanctum is a video interview with Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Parkinson.  Guffudd and his perfectly coifed hair have been seen in everything from Titanic to Oliver Stone’s W. to Fantastic Four and its sequel. Meanwhile, the beautiful Parkinson has done work on Where the Wild Things Are and Wolverine. I got to sit down with them to discuss acting method, the sun coast and on-screen scalpings. Hit the jump to watch:

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Ioan Gruffudd & Alice Parkinson

  • Did you guys get to play on the sun coast or any of the other locations? (00:01-1:25)
  • How cold was the water on set? (1:25-2:00)
  • How do you get into character when you know that your character is acting illogically? (2:00-3:20)
  • How was the brutal scalping filmed? (3:20-end)


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