‘Iron Fist’: 7 Major Questions We Have After Bingeing Netflix’s Latest MCU Series

     March 22, 2017


Please be aware that this article is filled to the brim with spoilers. Just a ton of spoilers; a whole mystical city full of spoilers.

Well, Iron Fist happened. Netflix and Marvel’s collaboration is a bit of a dud. The final Defender in Netflix’s ever-growing MCU has arrived and he… kinda sucks. The show itself is riddled with problems, particularly in the writing, and none more troublesome than Danny Rand, the world’s most entitled would-be superhero, who carelessly brings violent threats to the people he claims to love. Danny’s a jerk, straight up. Maybe the biggest jerk in a show full of them, and definitely the least interesting character in his own series. At least he’s got good hair.

That said, there’s a whole cast full of better characters. Some of them are given rather fantastic arcs (Colleen Wing, Ward Meachum, and Davos are the best part of the series,) and many more are given promising set-ups for the future of the Netflix MCU. The Iron Fist debut may be a disappointment, but it’s undeniably laid some interesting ground work, and as the final piece in the lead-up to The Defenders, it’s left a whole lot of burning questions.

I’ve said my piece on Danny, so I’m not going to harp on that, which means I’m going to skip all the snarky questions like, “Are we actually supposed to like Danny Rand?” or “Why does he think breaking and entering, kidnapping, and assault are the way to prove his identity?” or “WTF did he think would happen if he left K’un-Lun totally unprotected?” They’re all valid questions, but I’m more interested in exploring the mysteries afoot and the teases for what’s to come.

Check out our biggest lingering Iron Fist questions below.