‘Iron Fist’ Villains Explained: From Harold Meachum to Madame Gao

     March 20, 2017


The Iron Fist has burst free from K’un-Lun to invade our televisions through Marvel’s Netflix series. Danny Rand, our magic-enhanced protagonist, is akin to Tony Stark, a billionaire CEO who now seeks to put his resources to good use with the goal of bettering mankind. While Stark wields a technologically advanced super suit, Rand relies on the world of martial arts and mysticism in order to better New York City and fight the evil ninja organization, the Hand. While the Netflix series has received the greatest reviews, the series made sure to pack itself full of villains from the comics for Danny Rand’s debut. And yet, the differences between the television series and the comics are very clear, especially in cases like the “Bride of 9 Spiders.” In the comics, the Bride can literally control and transform into spiders, whereas in the series she’s a poison-wielding fighter with an affinity for their poisons (and decorating herself like Party City at Halloween).

So from the Meachum family to the Steel Serpent to the leaders of the Hand, Iron Fist has his hands full in his new series. Let’s dive in: