IRON MAN 3 Rakes in $15.6 Million on Opening Night

     May 3, 2013


To the surprise of no one, Iron Man 3 made a lot of money on its opening night.  According to THR, the estimated tally is $15.6 million from screenings that began at 9pm.  The Avengers grossed $18.7 million on its opening night, so what does this mean?  In the grand scheme of the movie industry: nothing.  Iron Man 3 is a hit, and people expected it to be a hit.  It won’t be as big of a hit as The Avengers which is unsurprising since six superheroes are more profitable than one (seven if you count Nick Fury).  You can also try to water down Iron Man 3‘s success since showings began at 9pm and not midnight, and of course there’s the 3D and IMAX 3D boost.  But that would be pointless because again, everyone considers it a hit, and it’s expected to make a whopping $160-180 million through the weekend.

For more fun with numbers, Iron Man 2 took in $7.5 million from its midnight runs, which isn’t bad when you consider that the film actually debuted at midnight and wasn’t in 3D.  Worldwide, Iron Man 3 has already made $361 million, which is more than Iron Man and Iron Man 2 made in their entire worldwide runs ($268 million and $312 million, respectively).  Witness the true power and real reason for making movies in 3D.


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