Kevin Feige Teases IRON MAN 3 Post-Credits Scene

     March 5, 2013


Earlier today, we posted a bounty of Iron Man 3 goodness including a new trailer, a video blog recap of seeing 15 minutes of the film, and interviews with Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige & director Shane Black.  Those interviews have tons of interesting tidbits about the film and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe from Downey, Feige, and Black, but in case some of you don’t have time to read the full articles, we figured we’d direct your attention to a fascinating—if a little obvious—nugget gleaned from Feige regarding post-credits sequences in Phase Two, and specifically whether there will be a post-credits sequence after Iron Man 3.

As you well know, all of Marvel’s Phase One films have a post-credits sequence that in some way builds towards the events of The Avengers.  Now that Phase Two is starting a new set of stories, the question becomes what kinds of scenes—if any—will be appearing after the credits of this next slate of Marvel movies.  Hit the jump to see what Feige had to say about the subject. 

Iron-Man-3-posterObviously Marvel would be pretty crazy not to include post-credits sequences in their Phase Two movies, but during a group interview with Feige and Black, Feige was directly asked about Marvel’s approach in this next slate of films:

One of the signatures of the Marvel films starting with Iron Man, and I understand it was part function but also it became something that was fun for you guys to play with, was the notion of the after credits teaser, using that as a sting and using that to kind of point direction to the next thing.  I understand on Phase One there’s almost a necessity.

Feige: Yes.

You guys were using that as a building thing.

Feige: Yes.

Do you feel obligated now in Phase 2 as you move towards Phase 3, do you have to do that on every film?  Is that something that has become part of how you think about these movies or is it case by case if we have something that’s appropriate you’ll use?

Feige: It’s sort of case by case.  I don’t want to be in that theater for the first time when even 2 people stay behind and nothing happens, frankly.  I like that we’ve trained at least some people to stay behind and get a little reward, but you’re absolutely right it served a different purpose.  It was a part of the, “Hey surprise, these are connected. We’re building towards something here.” Shawarma, which everyone knows famously was an idea we came up with much, much later and shot after the premiere just because we thought it would be fun.  There was not going to be a tag until that point.  So it’s a little faster and looser now because people know, and frankly the whole purpose of Iron Man 3 is to say that these characters can exist just as successfully on their own again.  But, as I said I don’t want to be there when nothing happens after people sit through 8 minutes of credits. 

So in short, there will almost definitely be a scene after the credits in Iron Man 3.  Again, this is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s still reassuring to hear it directly from Feige.  Be sure to read the full interview right here.

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