IRON MAN 3 – JARVIS: A Marvel Second Screen Experience That Allows Playback Control of IRON MAN 3 on Blu-ray

     September 9, 2013


As an additional component and extension of the Iron Man 3 release on Blu-ray on September 24th, a free JARVIS app will be available, starting September 10th, that works for iPad, iPhone or any iOS device.  It is a utility that you can use in your everyday life, whether it’s to wake you up in the morning, download the nine available ringtones, check the weather or post to Facebook, and the real JARVIS, Paul Bettany, did 20 hours of voice-over, just to provide many different possibilities for the app.  And on top of that, if your Blu-ray player is on the same wifi network as your iPad, you can control the Blu-ray through the JARVIS app by your voice, making it the first voice-controlled Blu-ray disc, ever.

While giving a demo of the app and how it interacts with the Blu-ray disc, Senior Producer Brian Kwan and Director of Interactive Marketing and Production Dave Bushore talked about what inspired the JARVIS app, that the JARVIS on the app will have the same snarky tone as the JARVIS in the films, that you can unlock 42 unique Iron Man suits that will open an additional sneak peek “ghost” file, and that there will continue to be interactive content available.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

iron-man-3-app-jarvis-introQuestion:  What was the inspiration for the JARVIS app?

DAVE BUSHORE:  The inspiration, when we saw Iron Man 3 for the first time and we knew we were going to develop something for the Blu-ray release, was JARVIS.  It was the first chance we were going to have to give it to the fans.  In Iron Man 1, when Christine Everhart (Leslie Bibb) wakes up in Tony Stark’s house, she doesn’t know about JARVIS, and JARVIS comes on out of nowhere.  You see Tony’s huge Malibu mansion and get introduced to this character, JARVIS, who runs Tony’s life for him.

BRIAN KWAN:  So, we wanted to create and app that could mimic something like that, and we wanted to make JARVIS customizable to the user.  

Will JARVIS be as snarky on the app?

BUSHORE:  He gets more and more snarky.  The tone of everything is as close to the film as we could get.  It’s important to keep that snarky tone and what Paul Bettany brings to the role.

What sort of Easter eggs do you have on the Blu-ray?

BUSHORE:  You get an AR code, that’s a glorified QR code.  They are essentially Easter eggs that will pop up when you do certain things on the disc, and there are 13 of them, hidden throughout the menus.  On the disc, JARVIS explains what they are and how to open them.

KWAN: If you go to the Armor section of the app, after you’ve downloaded it for the first time, all 42 armors are greyed out ghost files.  

BUSHORE:  You can get all 42, and it explains what each one does and why Tony designed it that way.  You can save it as your background, save it as your wallpaper or send it to your friends.  

KWAN: If you find one of the 13 images, you hit the scan button, frame in the picture, and it will grab and unlock that Armor.  And then, you will have access to it. 

iron-man-3-app-jarvisBUSHORE:  Once you find the QR codes, you don’t have to find them again.  There are eight that are pretty to find.  Then, there are three that are a little harder.  The goal of that is, if you go through the whole thing and rebuild the database, JARVIS will let you know when you get to 100%.  When it’s fully restored, there will be a file on the database that’s a little bit extra.  If you go through all the work of finding all the Armors and rebuild JARVIS’ database, JARVIS has a cool sneak peek for you that’s an exclusive.  

KWAN:  You’ll have to get the Blu-ray and find the images and scan them to see what that sneak is. 

Will more interactive content be available, in the future?

BUSHORE:  Once the Blu-ray comes out, there will be more.  Moving past that, if you’re a Marvel fan, we’ve got Thor coming and we’ve got Cap coming.  You’ll get exclusive images and clips, and so on.  If you’re a Marvel fan and a fan of the movies, it’s all right there.  You’ll get more exclusive ringtones because nine will grow old.  And we have so much Paul Bettany voice-over that we can do more stuff.  

KWAN:  Our angle was to be able to sit in a meeting, one day, and have everyone’s phone go off and have it be various JARVIS messages.  

The free JARVIS app will be available in the Apple iTunes Store, starring on September 10th.




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