‘Iron Man VR’: We Take Flight with First Impressions of the Upcoming PSVR Video Game

     April 2, 2019

Last week, Collider Games had the opportunity to attend the PlayStation VR media event. During the event, we got a first-hand look at some of their upcoming titles for their PSVR system which included: Trover Saves the Universe, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Everybody’s Golf and more. We were excited to get our hands on all of the demos, but the main one we knew we had to cover was the new Iron Man VR that was recently announced.

Although I haven’t played as much VR as I would like, I’m experienced enough to know when a game will be a hit or not. I can confidently say that the Iron Man VR game is a hit. Usually, when it comes to VR games, some people have the negative connotation that they aren’t as fleshed out as a traditional game. After playing the demo for about thirty minutes I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I was having.

Growing up, I would always pretend that I was a superhero and this video game felt like my childhood imagination come to life. The technology for virtual reality is constantly evolving and the new Iron Man VR game feels like a step in the right direction for PSVR. Iron Man VR shows that they can make fully fleshed out game inside of VR instead of the standard game console.

Before deploying on any real missions, I went through tutorials to teach me how to fly, fire my repulsors, and punch. I was initially intimidated about remembering the extensive list of moves, but with time the gestures began to feel second-nature and I launched into the first level with the confidence that I had truly become Iron Man.

Fans of the Iron Man movies know he has a specific method of flying and taking off. I think the game developers did a great job of keeping it authentic while making it accessible enough for the average consumer to enjoy.

Although the game makes a point to reference that Pepper Potts will become CEO, it is not connected to the MCU or the Spider-Man PSVR game. I know that some fans were disappointed by that, but I think it’s smart of Sony to actually put more time and care into the virtual reality department. As VR becomes more mainstream, it will be essential for Sony to have a strong enough catalog to persuade consumers to purchase their own PSVR headset.

Iron Man VR doesn’t have an official release date yet but it will hit stores this year. Check out our first impressions video above and make sure to subscribe to the Collider Games channel for more gaming coverage!


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