Isla Fisher Is Getting DESPERADOS

     November 5, 2009


Universal Pictures has picked up a spec for the “female ‘Hangover'” as a potential star vehicle for Isla Fisher.  The film, titled “Desperados,” tells the story of a woman who sends an angry email to her new boyfriend after he stops returning her calls only to learn that the reason he turned silent is that he’s in a coma in Mexico.  Now she and a group of friends must race south of the border to intercept the message before he wakes up.  More details after the jump.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the spec was penned by Ellen Rapoport, a screenwriter who has yet to really make a name for herself.  Currently, she’s developing a few TV shows for Fox, ABC Family, and MGM, but no real film credits to her name.  The film’s being produced by “2012” producer Mark Gordon and “Paranormal Activity” producer Jason Blum.

If you ask me, the premise sounds hilarious.  I’m not familiar with Rapoport’s ability, so I can’t really say if she’s capable of writing the female “The Hangover” or not, but assuming the humor follows through on an already humorous concept, I’d say “Desperados” has a good chance. Though the name could stand a change…


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