‘IT Chapter Two’: The Biggest Easter Eggs, Cameos, Callbacks & References You Might Have Missed

     September 14, 2019

From Freddy’s glove in Evil Dead 2 to pretty much everything in Scream, horror movies have a long history of Easter eggs, cameos, and meta-self-reference. And in Andy Muschietti‘s IT Chapter Two, that spirit is alive and well in a film that’s as much a love-letter to IT and Stephen King as it is an epic followup to the 2017 horror movie sensation.

The first film had a few book callouts for fans to enjoy, but with his sequel, Muschietti has taken things to the next level. “In every corner, there’s an Easter egg,” the filmmaker said on set. ” I wasn’t in an Easter egg mode when I made the first one. I just wanted to make a movie. Now, I’m more relaxed. There might be too many.”

Too many? We’ll leave that to you to decide, but there’s no denying this is a film that wears its love of the Stephen King universe (and movies in general) on its sleeve. Which means there are a whole heck of a lot of Easter eggs, cameos, references, and callbacks. We’ve caught a whole heck of a lot of them, but there’s no doubt there are more to be discovered with each new watch, so sound off with your favorites we missed in the comments below.

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