New ‘It Comes at Night’ Trailer Will Make You Afraid of the Dark

     May 1, 2017


A24 has released a new trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller It Comes at Night, fresh off the film’s rapturous debut at the Overlook Film Festival. Indeed, the film had its world premiere at the Shining-inspired horror film festival, and critics were effusive in their praise, with Collider’s own Perri Nemiroff calling it “fantastic” and “atmospheric and haunting.” That’s certainly on display in this new trailer, which brings new meaning to the phrase “don’t be afraid of the dark.”

The movie hails from Krisha director Trey Edward Shultz and stars Joel Edgerton as a father who will stop at nothing to keep his family safe from a mysterious, malevolent presence outside their contained house. We can surmise from the trailers that the family takes in a few outsiders, and there’s some plague-like element to the horror that awaits, but beyond that these trailers have kept the plot mysterious while tantalizingly teasing the mood and vibe of the film—which, in 2017 parlance, looks “creepy af.”

More than a few critics who caught the film at Overlook compared the film favorably to another A24 horror release, The Witch, noting that It Comes at Night similarly hinges on atmosphere and mood for its terror rather than fleeting and cheap jump scares. As someone who loved The Witch, I can’t wait to see this thing.

Check out the new It Comes at Night trailer below. The film hits theaters on June 9th and also stars Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Carmen Ejogo.

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