New IT FOLLOWS International Trailer: Will Maika Monroe Pass It Along?

     January 21, 2015


David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows has been all over the place.  It premiered at Cannes 2014 and now it’s finally about to wrap up its festival run at Sundance.  The movie stars The Guest’s Maika Monroe as Jay, your average 19-year-old just looking for a little romance.  Trouble is, her first time with her new boyfriend isn’t really the dream night she’s hoping for.  Turns out, he has an STD of sorts and he passes it on to her.  Now she’ll forever be pursued by a malevolent supernatural presence until she passes on the condition to someone else.

Not only does It Follows rock a brilliant and incredibly clever core concept, but Mitchell also has this impeccable handle on the tone that lets him deliver an experience that ranges from understated to bold and toy with your nerves without ever resorting to cheap scare tactics.  You can check out my full review right here.  Enjoy the latest It Follows international trailer and be sure to catch the film when it arrives in theaters on March 13th.

Via Icon Film Distribution.

Here’s the official synopsis of It Follows:

As 19-year-old Jay’s summer—spent hanging with friends, lounging in a backyard pool—nears an end, her unperturbed suburban existence is about to be horrifyingly upended. After sleeping with a new boyfriend, she’s suddenly pursued, slowly but persistently, by a malevolent supernatural presence that takes the form of different people. Hoping to buy time and devise a plan, Jay and her friends escape to a beach house. But it’s coming.


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