First Reactions to ‘It’ Tease a Disturbing and Thrilling Horror Gem

     August 26, 2017


Ever since ABC released an almost impressively boring two-part adaptation of Stephen King‘s It, fans of the genuinely bizarre horror novel have been waiting for a proper take on King’s book to hit the big screen. It’s a long shot that the wildly perverse bonding ritual that The Losers Club enact after their first battle with Pennywise would make any cut of the movie – unless Gaspar Noe is tapped to write and direct – but at the very least, any adaptation of It should be scary from beginning to end. What else is one to expect from a story centered on an evil alien entity that cloaks itself in the guise of a monstrous child-eating clown?


Image via Warner Bros.

From the look of early reactions to director Andres Muschietti‘s upcoming take on King’s book, we might have received just what we were hoping for this time around. Indeed, as the social embargo lifted yesterday, flocks of critics and viewers took to Twitter and other social media platforms to praise the movie, its depiction of the 1958 portion of the story, and especially Bill Skarsgard‘s performance as the diabolical Pennywise. We’ll have to wait another two weeks for the movie to hit theaters nationwide on September 8th, but you can check out all the early responses and reviews of the movie right below.

Here are some of the first reactions to It:


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