IT Remake Not Dead Yet; Moving Back To Warner Bros.

     May 27, 2015


Just days after learning the dismal news that Cary Fukunaga will no longer direct an adaptation of Stephen King‘s It for New Line, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the project will live on without him, and is not only headed back to Warner Bros, but is planned to return to the original setting of New York City. And sadly, Warners is expected to hire a new director.

Many reasons were cited for the True Detective visionary’s sudden departure from the project, with New Line’s demands for budget cuts the most common excuse. The reports indicated that Fukunaga departed citing “creative differences” when the studio wanted to move production from the streets of NYC, where filming permits are notoriously expensive. Other reports suggested Fukunaga was displeased when the project shifted from Warner Bros. to New Line.


Image via ABC

However, now that the film is moving back to both Warner Brothers and the original New York setting, it seems perhaps there deeper issues than the ubiquitous “creative differences” between the director and the studio. Warner Bros. is still planning to move forward with the two scripts Fukunaga co-wrote with Chase Palmer for a late year production start. The first movie will focus on the characters as children, and the second film will focus on them as adults. It’s not known at this time if Will Poulter is still expected to play Pennywise.

I’m still saddened by Fukunaga’s departure, and a part of me will always hurt for not getting to see his version of the story, but I’m happy to hear their moving forward with the original scripts, to which King gave an enthusiastic blessing. It will be interesting to see who steps into Fukunaga’s shoes and what kind of movie Warner Bros. is looking to make. They’re known for being a director-friendly studio, so it’s surprising that Fukunaga ran into issues fulfilling his vision.

How does the studio switcharoo strike you? Are you still interested in an It remake without Fukunaga on board? Sound off in the comments.


Image via ABC

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